Scruffs dog walking service consists of interesting and stimulating walks in secure areas, lasting for a minimum of 45 mins and up to an hour but can be longer if time allows.

We can arrange to go for walkies on a daily, weekly or ad-hoc basis. Whatever suits you best.

We offer individual walks if required, otherwise group walks comprise of no more than four dogs. Groups will have been socialised and introduced prior to their initial walk as a pack.

If you have already trained your dog, let us know and we will keep consistency with your methods.

Walking is an essential part of a dogs life. It is all too common for a dog to suffer from a lack of exercise, this can be easily resolved with simple walking routines. Lack of exercise  can have a detrimental effect on both his physical and mental health. A common result from lack of exercise is behavioural issues, but can also expand into social difficulties and health problems further
along the line.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you out.

Dog walking is priced at £13 per hour.

For walks and boarding, contact Victor on:  07985 224 855